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You can also treat your plant with a range of anti-fungal preparations, which may.

Jun 15, Chinese money plants are not frost tolerant. Leaving it unprotected during winter can frost the leaves. Frosted leaves die and drop after. Aging Plant Leaves. Dropping of leaves can be a result of a natural process.

It shouldn't be so damaged from a week for shipping.

In this case, there’s no need to worry because it’s pretty normal for plants to shed old shrubdrop.clubted Reading Time: 7 mins. When can you plant Money Plant in Muskogee, OK. The earliest that you can plant money plant in Muskogee is shrubdrop.clubr, you really should wait until March if you don't want to take any chances. The last month that you can plant money plant and expect a good harvest is probably you wait any later than that and your money plant may not have a chance to really do well.

Hi,My mother-in-law mailed me a money tree plant via Amazon a week ago, and the plant doesn't seem to have enjoyed the ride (to say the least!). Its leaves are dropping and there are some blisters/white spots on some of the leaves.I have noticed that the pot doesn't have any draining holes, so I ord.

Jan 03, You can tell you need to adjust your watering routine by looking at the plant. If you see wrinkled, curled leaves, it means your money plant needs more water.

No blinds and no curtains.

Droopy yellow leaves can be a sign of too much water. As soon as you notice the leaf change, cut back on watering to prevent root rot. Hi all So glad and hopeful to find this place.I moved into my apartment a year ago and inherited this pachira money tree, it was very healthy and seemed to be thriving.

It's dropping yellow leaves like crazy and I can see them yellowing from the bottom of the tree and moving up. It's in a cloth bag. Jan 12, Time the repotting for the mid-summer months.

Remove the tree and the soil from the pot. Use clean gardening shears to prune back 1/4 of the roots. Then, place the tree in a new pot with drainage holes or gravel and fresh soil. Water the money tree well after you repot it to encourage K. May 17, Cleaning Sticky Plant Leaves.

If any leaves are completely covered in scales, they are probably too far gone and should just be removed. For the rest of the plant, even if the scales are gone, you still have the task of cleaning sticky plant leaves. A.

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